Seeking Information on Freshwater Institute Library Materials

In the fall of 2013, the current Canadian government began dismantling the majority of publicly-funded libraries that held hundreds of thousands of scientific reports on climate change, fisheries and wildlife. Winnipeg’s Freshwater Institute Library was one of these targeted institutions. Officials promised that all materials would be digitized and put online. However, only a small percentage of these archives have been scanned. Almost all of these vital materials were given away or otherwise destroyed without any oversight.

The index itself of the library’s holdings has also vanished, such that the catalogue itself has also been erased.

What we are seeking
We — Victoria Scott and Scott Kildall — are seeking any information on where some of lost materials from the Freshwater Institute Library may have gone (people’s home collections, landfill, other libraries, etc.). We want to track and symbolically rebuild these materials during our public workshop on March 27th-28th, 2015.

Of course, the index or catalogue of the items from FIL would be the most helpful piece of information to have, so we can understand the extent of what was lost.


Please contact us, we appreciate any help and your tips will remain confidential.

Background Story


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